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United Nations - Iranian Statement On USSR Delaying Resolution, 195?

Reel Number: 221628-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1950s

Country: Iran,USA,USSR


TC Begins: 07:36:16

TC Ends: 07:45:12

Duration: 00:08:56

United Nations - Iranian Statement On USSR Delaying Resolution, 195? MCU Egyptian delegate to United Nations speaking in English about foreign troops on soil & resolution he put forward. 07:37:05 LS USSR delegation. Gromyko raising arm. USA delegation w/ Stettinius, Byrnes. 07:37:21 MS Gromyko speaking in Russian. 07:38:19 LS USSR & US delegations; vote on USSR resolution fails. MS China delegation. Members leaving. 07:39:10 Australian delegate asks for clarification on Egyptian proposal as he has several different versions. 07:39:47 Byrnes SOF re Egyptian’s resolution requesting Iranian representative to appear. 07:40:08 Vote by showing of hands, Egyptian motion carried. 07:40:39 SOF Adjourning meeting till tomorrow afternoon when Iranian can make statement. Byrnes asks not to adjourn but admit the Iranian representative to make statement. 07:42:02 Iranian representative (?) makes statement: “...I consider it an honor to be invited...I wish you success in your arduous labor for the restoration of harmony & security & respect for international law in a destructive world. Iran firmly believes in the principles underlying the Charter &...abide by them. She has faith in the United Nations & desires to be (?) of her ability to strengthen its hand. She confidently expects on the other hand to have her rights upheld by the Council. Our case is now before you & we want it to remain there until a just settlement has been reached within the spirit of the Charter. Of course, I am not unaware of the ? of the last few days ... of the Red Army encircling ?; and yesterday we heard the same announcement made by the honorable delegate of the Soviet Union; nor am I unaware of the press news of this morning reporting an official announcement by my government denying that the contemplated evacuation of troops had resulted from any agreement entered into between the Iranian government & the Soviet Union. I do not know whether any conditions are being attached to the withdrawal of these troops. No one would welcome more warmly than I a just settlement of our difficulties on the basis of respect for Iran’s complete independence, sovereignty & territorial integrity. The Prime Minister of Iran, has in his instructions to me, particularly requested me to emphasis the point of view of bringing of dispute by one member of the United Nations before the Security Council should not be interpreted by the other party as an inimical act. We are members of the same family; & this is a sort of family council where we can freely air our troubles & reach satisfactory solutions. The delegate of the Soviet Union bases his proposal for delay first on alleged surprise & second on the contentions that negotiations pursuant to the resolution of January 30th are (abrupt end). 195?; Middle East; Petroleum; Near East; Oil; Communism; Cold War; Dispute; Independence;

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