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1935 - Big China Clipper Hops Off

Reel Number: 250032-60

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1935

Country: USA

Location: Alameda,California,Oakland,San Francisco

TC Begins: 15:07:07

TC Ends: 15:08:40

Duration: 00:01:33

1935 - Big China Clipper Hops Off 15:07:17 Pan American Clipper, Martin M-130, moved down ramp into water; large crowd on beach watching. 15:07:26 Captain & crew, nine men, pose in uniforms alongside airplane. CU 15:07:33 Bags of mail on dock; letter handed to Captain / pilot by Postmaster General James Farley. 15:07:42 CU nose of plane w/ name China Clipper, American flag on small staff. Dignitaries on reviewing stand w/ hats over hearts watching. 15;07:47 LS taxiing across water. Chinese women & American teenage / college boys waving. LS taking off w/ San Francisco skyline & bridge in background. 15:08:09 Aerial above plane over partially completed San Francisco - Oakland Bay bridge & edge of Treasure Island. Alongside w/ land behind. 15:08:19 CU onboard from feet of pilot Edwin Musick. CU hands on wheel, gages. Radio operator / navigator w/ headset at radio. 15:08:35 High angle of plane in flight. Flying Boat; Inaugural Flight; First Commercial Airlines Transpacific Airmail Service; NOTE: Inaugural flight destination was Manila; Fred Noonan was Navigator. Noonan disappeared w/ Amelia Earhart in 1937; Musick died 11Jan38 in explosion of the Samoan Clipper. The China Clipper later crashed 08Jan45 in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

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