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Pathe News 1928

Reel Number: 220874-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1928

Country: Egypt,England,Sudan,United Kingdom,USA

Location: Ann Arbor,Black Hills,Conn,Detroit,ME,Mich,New Haven,NJ,NYC,Old Orchard,River Nile,SD,West Orange

TC Begins: 06:17:59

TC Ends: 06:30:41

Duration: 00:12:42

Pathe News 1928 06:17:59 - AUTO DRIVERS RACE FOR DIRT TRACK TITLE. In Detroit, Michigan, Cliff Woodbury wins automobiles race. 06:19:42 SQUAWS AND BRAVES SEE HEAP BIG TOWN. In New York City, New York, delegation of Native American Blackfoot tribe parade on top of car, sightsee, dance and meet New York City Mayor James John Walker - mayor with feather headdress. 06:21:05 THOMAS EDISON GIVES INTERVIEW ON RADIO. Thomas Alva Edison broadcasts from West Orange, New Jersey. 06:21:43 MICHIGAN VICTORY DEDICATES STADIUM. Michigan Governor Fred W. Green and Ohio Governor Alvin Victor Donahey observe University of Michigan's "Wolverines" defeat Ohio State University in inaugural game at new football stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University beats Army. 06:24:09 EXPLORES MYSTERIES OF THE WHITE NILE. Scenes along banks of Nile River (Egypt) shows buildings and crowds; tour ends at Fashoda, Sudan. 06:25:32 COOLIDGE RIDES HORSE TO BIGGEST MONUMENT. In Black Hills, South Dakota, Pres. Calvin Coolidge follows trail to national monument site at Mount Rushmore. Shows site and sculptor Gutzon Borglum. 06:27:08 COLONEL LINDBERGH ENDS NATIONAL TOUR. Charles Augustus Lindbergh is welcomed with parade at end of three-month tour in his airplane "Spirit of St. Louis" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; his last tour stop is Mitchel Field, New York. 06:28:46 OLD ORCHARD, ME. Bad weather forces pilot Frances Grayson to abandon her third attempt to fly to Denmark (woman pilot)

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