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1944 - Palestine: Zionist Congress, Tel Aviv, 24Dec44; Christian Ceremony; British Military Tour

Reel Number: 221747-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: Israel,Palestine

Location: Tel Aviv

TC Begins: 06:48:07

TC Ends: 06:59:18

Duration: 00:11:11

1944 - Palestine: Zionist Congress, Tel Aviv, 24Dec44; Christian Ceremony; British Military Tour EXT shots of cinema in Tel Aviv, people in line for Zionist Congress past sign: Jane Eyre. 06:48:19 MCU tickets checked as men & women past. 06:48:54 LS along dias table, men stand as Chaim Weizmann makes way to chair on stage, shaking hands. 06:49:19 Ben Gurion, Jewish Agency president, speaking (MOS). 06:49:30 Weizmann rises to speak, Israeli flag behind him; MS reading speech MOS. Rabbis & others on stage listening. Sits down to applause. 06:50:50 Ben Gurion speaking again, people in audience listening. MSs, CUs 06:51:31 Weizmann enters meeting room w/ table, giving a seat to Yehoshua Supraski, member of the Presidium. Weizmann addresses meeting members, clapping, various CUs, including Ben Gurion. 06:53:30 Slug. 06:53:32 British (?) military officers sitting in rows outdoors, soldiers arrive & sit on benches. 06:53:49 British officers arriving up wide sidewalk w/ large building in background. Priest greets as other military salute. Priests in cossacks walking in a procession onto field w/ military & civilians standing watching. 06:54:54 LS British flag on pole, priests in group near base & others on two platforms w/ large banners of crosses draped on base. 06:55:07 Audience standing w/ hymnals or ?? 06:55:19 LS towards buildings behind field. HA MS military band playing. MCU officer & others singing. Villagers, Arabs ?, watch from rooftops. 06:56:08 Military procession leaving, city wall in background. MS military, priests, civilians in procession. Villagers on rooftops. Two Eastern Orthodox meet military officer. Procession thru street watched from rooftops. 06:57:06 People lining street watch motorcade w/ motorcycle escort arrive; British officer gets out, walks up steps, salutes & enters building. 06:57:27 Interior, enters & inspecting saw w/ water cutting stone block. CU gage measuring pressure to crush concrete or ??. Electrical discharge machine w/ current between two balls. MCU officer given explanation of equipment, others watch. 06:58:50 Village spectators applaud outside building as men leave in motorcade. Middle East; British Mandate; Jewish Palestine Meeting; 1944; 1945: 1940s;

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