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1945 - Conferences: World Zionist Conference w/ Ben Gurion Speaking. 19-23Aug45

Reel Number: 221748-04

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: England,Israel,Palestine,United Kingdom

Location: London

TC Begins: 08:25:27

TC Ends: 08:35:16

Duration: 00:09:49

1945 - Conferences: World Zionist Conference w/ Ben Gurion Speaking. 19-23Aug45 Ben Gurion, Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency standing on speakers stand in front of large seated crowd; several military seated behind, cameraman or director giving instructions to begin: “everybody look at the speaker only, please.” 08:25:43 “These Zionists from all over the world are assembled here at the most momentous time in world history. The Second World War is over, w/ a total victory of the free nations...we are proud of the ? of the many Jewish soldiers...and the Jewish units from the Jewish homeland & the Jewish Brigade. stop 08:26:27 MS repeats w/ variants. ...but we Jews cannot rejoice like other people. For us it is the most tragic moment in our history...six million Jews, slaughtered & burned alive in cold blood. You are proud to hear that you young Jewish boys & girls caught w/o weapons against the Nazi enemies...and now...try to do justice to the Jewish people...and we were slaughtered only because we happened to be the only homeless & stateless people in Europe & in the world. And now justice will be done to the 6 million deaths...until the root cause of prejudice... Calls for free Jewish Commonwealth (applause). 08:29:16 CU standing at microphone: “These Zionist from all over the world are assembled here... repeats; talks about eye-witnesses to the atrocities. More than 1/3 of the Jewish people perished... Asks for their homeland, by common consent of the United Nations...take part in the rebuilding of the world; and a free & independent Jewish people, restored to its historical heritage in the land of Israel should take its rightful place as a liberal in the Commonwealth of Nations in the attempt to recreate a new world... 08:32:46 MS men listening at tables; MCUs. 08:33:42 CU of ?? & US army officer ?? 08:33:49 CU Stephen Wise. 08:34:07 CU Arrow on sign: World Zionist Conference, men walk past. Homeland; Independence; Post-WW2; Post-WWII; Ethnic; Religion; Near East; Palestine;

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