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195? - Israel Meeting w/ Trygve Lie & Ben Gurion

Reel Number: 221681-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1950s

Country: Israel

Location: Middle East

TC Begins: 21:04:05

TC Ends: 21:04:38

Duration: 00:00:33

195? - Israel Meeting w/ Trygve Lie & Ben Gurion Cars down hill; people thru camp w/ small huts. Trygve Lie thru people, walking w/ them. 21:04:11 Trygve Lie w/ David Ben Gurion & Moshe Sharett (Chertok). 21:04:22 Ext. garden party w/ VIPs talking. 3 men (chief rabbis ?) w/ long beards sitting. 21:04:28 Trygve Lie talking w/ Sharett & Arab, shaking hands. Overhead shot of entire garden party group. GOOD. Middle East; Diplomacy; United Nations; 1950s;

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