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1950s: Egypt & Nasser; French Police & Students Riot; International Conference; Israel Navy; Nasser & USSR; USA Air Rescue

Reel Number: 221416-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1950s

Country: Egypt,France,Israel,USA

Location: Cairo,Paris

TC Begins: 06:29:13

TC Ends: 06:35:23

Duration: 00:06:10

1950s: Egypt & Nasser; French Police & Students Riot; International Conference; Israel Navy; Nasser & USSR; USA Air Rescue Egypt. High angle Cairo street w/ large awnings over crowd, military review, troops marching & women under shade applaud. Nasser & others in military uniforms standing reviewing. Army troops jogging in ceremonial fashion. Military vehicles w/ soldiers, tanks past. Diplomats (?) watching. Pickup trucks w/ soldiers in back pulling light artillery; personnel carriers 06:30:06 France. French student demonstration blocking street, pound on passing buses. Police in street. Sidewalk filled w/ students, police pushing & chasing w/ capes & batons. Kicking, knocking down students on motorscooters. Arrests. 06:31:06 LS high angle of newly built city w/ large convention hall, hills behind & tall buildings. MS w/ flags on poles, palm trees. Int. delegates to front w/ curved table. MS of podium w/ translation booths behind: English, France; Espanol. Delegates w/ name plates: French, Canada, Afganistan, Australia, Germany. MS of U-shaped table & men w/ headphones listening, applaud. 06:31:55 Israel. Ben Gurion reviewing Army & Navy troops at attention. Cameraman & others watch ship into harbor w/ life ring INS Elath. Men down gangway including Dayan. View from ship of seated military crowd around harbor. Ben Gurion at microphones, Moshe Dayan & ?? behind; reverse shot of Ben Gurion looking towards ship docked. CU military (French?) & others. Sailors greeted. LS of crowd boarding ships. 06:32:33 Cairo, Egypt. Twin-engine plane arrives w/ USSR civilian representatives off. Review soldiers; meet reporters ??. Nasser & Soviet rep posing w/ others. Slug. 06:33:15 Title. USA: Air Rescue Marks Anniversary. Shadow of four-engine plane over water. B-29 bomber in flight. Int. w/ CU of man looking out w/ binoculars; men in doorway & view of life rafts. PBY & men carried ashore, pose w/ stubble beards. Man at desk w/ many phones & talking on telephone. Hangs up, pushes button, CU horn. Flight crew out of ready room, run to PBY rescue plane. Takes off over camera. Air to air in flight. Men on life raft wave & plane lands & taxiis over. Men helped into bunks inside. Shot from above as PBY takes off, also from alongside. In flight against sunset. Military Power; Middle East; Rioting; International Conference;

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