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1956 - Suez War: British Troops Leaving; Canadian United Nations Troops in Egypt

Reel Number: 221742-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1956

Country: Canada,Egypt,England,United Kingdom

Location: Cairo,Middle East,North Africa,Port Said

TC Begins: 20:06:05

TC Ends: 20:11:59

Duration: 00:05:54

1956 - Suez War: British Troops Leaving; Canadian United Nations Troops in Egypt Title: Telenews - Egypt. French military ships anchored in harbor; row of parked jeeps. 20:07:06 British troops w/ rifles carry duffle bags boarding open doors of three LSTs w/ British flags flying. Tank w/ Slow Wogs on front backing into ship; troops march onto ship. 20:07:27 MS British General Hugh Stockwell talking w/ ???. Troops board LST; ship leaving & closing doors. 20:07:44 Troops marching down narrow street. Demonstrators carrying banners w/ Arabic writing. 20:07:58 Trucks overflowing w/ Arab men w/ rifles waving arrive, shaking hands. 20:08:15 Line of white tanks thru street; some w/ people riding w/ rifles, waving. Marchers w/ banners; Arab soldiers marching followed by men & banners. 20:08:40 Forklift loading large airplane engine into rear of Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar cargo plane. Canadian Air officer in front of map of air route across Mediterranean & crew list posting briefing seated airmen & a photographer. MCU. 20:09:21 United Nations symbol stenciled on side of plane; plane backed out of hanger. Men boarding past United Nations markings. Long row of planes on tarmac. 20:10:03 Men in hanger inspected by smiling officer. 20:10:33 CU pilot waving from cockpit. Plane taxiing & taking off. 20:10:54 Title: Telenews - Egypt. Effigy hanging from between wooden balconies on narrow street. Portrait of Nasser hanging above. Arabs in street cheer & waving. Men on balcony cutting down effigy; men in street looking up. 20:11:17 Young men drawing man being hanged. Mural of hanged War criminal Anthony Eden; French ?? & Miserable Ben Gurion (wrong cartoon); Noble Nasser smiling at three men hanging. 20:11:25 LS past sandbagged checkpoint w/ soldiers looking out thru barbed wire. 20:11:29 Reporters taking notes; MS man w/ pointer & diagram of Port Said on blackboard 20:11:40 Royal Canadian soldiers marching past Sphinx & listening to tour guide; camels w/ soldiers & pyramids behind. Caricatures; Aftermath; Cold War;

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