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David Ben-Gurion in NYC parade with Impellitteri

Reel Number: 220579-17

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1951

Country: Israel,USA

Location: New York City,NYC

TC Begins: 03:35:47

TC Ends: 03:43:49

Duration: 00:08:02

David Ben Gurion in NYC parade with Impellitteri Motorcade - CU Ben Gurion on steps with Impellitteri. Military march past. Flags of USA and Israel marched past. Ben Gurion in open top car - more military parade - motorcade. Crowds lining sidewalk applauding - ticker-tape - Israeli sailors - crowd - Good close ups Ben Gurion and Impellitteri. Certificate of the Mayor of NYC presented. B-G giving speech. Top shot military personnel and band march up 5th Avenue. Top shot motorcade - crowds - Central Park. New York police parade led by police on horseback. CU Israeli flag. 1951; Israel;

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