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Hazor City of the Bible - Outtakes

Reel Number: 220483-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1969

Country: Israel

Location: Tel Hazor, Galilee

TC Begins: 01:01:28

TC Ends: 02:49:39

Duration: 01:48:11

Hazor City of the Bible - Outtakes 02:20:20 (time code jump) houses in Galilee - kibbutz. Vessels uncovered, man kneeling sorting vessels in situ. Hands carved on stone (Moon God), stone statues, basalt lion. 01:04:13 Fine brush to unearth delicate vessels. 01:04:46 skeletons & burial vase. Careful removal of small vase from vessels. Woman grinding stone. graphs. 01:05:39 man w/ wheelbarrow carting out shards. Stone entrance. Various stone door furniture. 01:07:18 Digging along deep ancient wall, vessel buried underneath. AVs walls. 01:08:43 Very large bowls & vases. Removing heavy stones & containers - reveals statues, etc. various archaeological finds. Basalt god swivels on round stone. 01:10:48 Very old man digging. Carvings, digging w/ spade to reveal door hinge ?, sweeping earth, vessels buried in earth, paintbrush to clean around, AVs people digging. 01:14:30 Lion head, gradually digging out whole body of lion, tying lion on to planks & cranking crane to lift. 01:19:35 Prime Minister David Ben Gurion visiting, helped up rock by archaeologist Yigael Yadin, other guests include IDF Chief of Staff Haim Laskov & generals. Greeting President Ben Zvi & wife out of car, talking & showing. President examines shards. Others washing sherds. Piles of shards being sorted. women sit around table eating. 01:21:45 Woman restoring vessels. 01:22:20 AVs Hazor site & excavations. Finding vessels. Large urns, women sorting shards. Pillars, lion, skeletons of children, winch, more, repeat activities of objects & activities. 01:32:55 MS Ben Gurion walking along high stone wall, led by Yadin. Army Generals follow (brief). Deep shaft, removing lion, more vessels, statures, lion, small bull, AV clearing earth w/ wheelbarrows, cleaning pottery. 01:38:10 Black where reel ended. Restarts after 01:42:42. Clearing earth gently w. small tools & brushes. Various vessels. 01:42:59 Archaeological team poses for group shot - Yadin joins the frame, sits in middle front. 01:43:30 Deep shaft. Old man sweeping. Various sections of the digs. AVs of the Tel & surrounding countryside. Flight of steps. 01:49:40 Yadin (suit & tie) standing on platform showing vessel to young woman. Seems to be a conference or convention (signs behind them - picture is flipped) CUs Yadin. 01:50:10 On Hazor site - AVs various parts of dig. Repeat group shot - soft focus. Back on archaeological site - many shards, stone etc. Ancient walls, fields around Tel, inscriptions on stones,Pan landscape around the Tel, AV whole Tel. Many shots of activities and findings, including pillars, stone walls, people digging, stone water pipes / gutters, urns etc. Black over reel change, time code repetition for a few seconds. Similar shots of finds, area, work, cleaning, AVs site. Women washing shards in troughs. LS & AVs Tel l. Deities, statues etc. Day’s work ends, buses pick up workers. Repeat or similar winching of large lion. Basalt stones. Train takes away debris.

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