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Israel (Ben-Gurion launches bond drive)

Reel Number: 221693-17

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1956

Country: Israel

Location: Middle East,Tel Aviv

TC Begins: 20:57:43

TC Ends: 20:58:15

Duration: 00:00:32

Israel (David Ben-Gurion launches bond drive) 20:57:45 Ext of ?? in Tel Aviv. Ben Gurion arrives & up steps; MS & CUs of people in audience. 20:57:57 Banner hanging on stage. 20:58:01 MCU Ben-Gurion & ?? at table. CU banner w/ menorah. Ben Gurion at microphones (MOS) 20:58:12 Audience applauding. 1956 Fund Raising; Jewish State; Israel; Zionism;

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