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Israel & Downed Airplane; Morocco & Sultan; Nasser & Hammarskjold; Border & UN Vehicles

Reel Number: 221681-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1950s,1955

Country: Egypt,Israel,Morocco

Location: Middle East,North Africa

TC Begins: 20:07:15

TC Ends: 20:13:11

Duration: 00:05:56

Israel & Downed Airplane; Morocco & Sultan; Nasser & Hammarskjold; Border & UN Vehicles Title: Israel - Telenews 20:07:19 Soldiers & others inspecting airplane wreckage in desert w/ tail markings of ?? 20:07:51 Passenger railroad train w/ military officers in dress uniforms, Arabs. Banner(s) in Arabic; crowds watching. Officer & civilian on train gesturing. 20:08:04 Sultan Mohammed V leaving train car; walks w/ many others thru street. 20:08:15 Motorcycle escorted motorcade thru street w/ Sultan standing in back. MCU at attention. CU of excited crowd. Sultan into car, people cheering. Motorcade (brief). 20:08:49 Twin-engine DC-3 taxiing w/ French (?) markings 90(circle) 30. Arabs VIPs in robes watch. Sultan w/ military out of plane. 20:09:00 High angle of crowd w/ Arabic banners filling city square. Motorcade thru large crowd w/ Sultan waving. People marching w/ banners & portrait thru street; Sultan waving from car. Pan over crowd. 20:09:35 Black 20:09:37 Israel (?) Policeman directing traffic; stopping cars on road, inspecting papers. 20:09:49 MS & CU Israel (?) police looking at shells & firing pins. 20:09:53 Looking at airplane wreckage as at 20:07:19. 20:10:04 Three men & one woman (smoking) taking notes. Peasants outside farm building, military cameraman taking still pictures w/ flash 20:10:10 LS of city, trees. Street w/ burn scorch marks on wall; bullet holes. Shrapnel on ground. CU hand holding grenade or part of bomb. Destroyed roof & windows of building seen from inside. Destroyed bed w/ blood. Blood on book & floor. 20:10:36 Hospital interior & patients w/ doctors & nurses. 20:10:41 Jewish men (?) sitting looking shocked. 20:10:43 Gravel road, fence crossing. 20:10:50 Dag Hammarskjold out of car, shakes hands, up steps. Walking in building & greeted by Gamal Nasser & ??. Posing, sit around Nasser’s desk. 20:11:18 United Nations officers outside ??. Talking on large field telephone. MS Gate raised. 20:11:31 Jewish men reading Hebrew newspaper; women talking. MCUs. High angle over large village. 20:11:41 Black 20:11:43 Israel & other flags at speakers platform in front of hillside. Army marching past, officers in jeeps. Ben Gurion, Moshe Dayan & ?? on reviewing stand. Women’s unit marching. Arabs watching w/ others. 20:12:13 Ben Gurion w/ Hammarskjold & others posing for pictures in office. 20:12:33 Black 20:12:36 Title: Israel - Telenews. UN vehicles, others down road, thru border crossing, past photographers. Border gate closed & locked. Middle East War (?); Peace Mission; North Africa; Egypt; 1950s; United Nations Peace Keeping; NOTE: Sultan Mohammed V returned to Morocco in 1955.

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