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New Israel State Fights For Its Life

Reel Number: 221542-25

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1948

Country: Israel


TC Begins: 05:34:28

TC Ends: 05:36:42

Duration: 00:02:14

New Israel State Fights For Its Life 05:34:33 Pan over many tents in encampment. MS of men walking up to wire fence; CU smiling & smoking. CU lifting chain off gate. 05:34:48 Harbor w/ men & women boarding small boat; CU baby in tub carried on board; women & children boarding boats. CU whistle. LS small one stack boat past breakwater. MCU Israel flag flying on ship. CUs man & woman smiling & looking, pointing. Shoreline from water. 05:35:20 Freighters docked at pier, crate lifted aboard by crane. Soldiers up gangway w/ large packs. 05:35:29 View from rooftop of harbor w/ small ships anchored. 05:35:33 MS Men & women wave toward camera from ship railing. Man in suit greeting men on shipboard. People in small boat; helped ashore. 05:35:46 High angle of city (Tel Aviv ?) traffic & roundabout. MCU Ben Gurion out of car; walking past military into building. 05:35:56 Small plane in distance over small modern building w/ French or Italian flag. 05:36:02 Street w/ rubble after bombing aftermath. CU Body partly buried in rubble. Flies over dead corpse. Body on rooftop. Men beside body on ground. 05:36:12 Men w/ gun parts & crates of weapons. CU small grenades (?), shells. Rifle parts. CU Nazi book. 05:36:26 Lighthouse tower or lookout w/ men on top. Barbed wire at base. Israel flag on top. CU Israel soldiers. CU flag. 1948 Independence; Near East; Refugees; Immigrants;

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