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Palestine ca 1945, Ben Gurion & Weizmann Speaking; Meeting; Agriculture; Sherry Bottling

Reel Number: 221438-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Israel,Palestine

Location: Tel Aviv

TC Begins: 02:01:26

TC Ends: 02:10:55

Duration: 00:09:29

Palestine ca 1945, Ben Gurion & Weizmann Speaking; Meeting; Agriculture; Sherry Bottling Ext. People lined up entering movie theater w/ police & soldier standing. Poster for Orson Welles & Joan Fontaine in Jane Eyre. 02:01:39 Ext. MCU man checking identification papers of men & women. 02:02:14 Int. Side view of men standing w/ hats on speakers table & crowd in front; turn as ?? enters. David Ben Gurion standing speaking (MOS). 02:02:51 View towards dias w/ large Israel banner hanging behind & picture of ? partially seen. Chaim Weizmann stands & reads speech, Ben-Gurion seated next to him. CU. MCU of Rabbis (?) & others listening. Weizmann sits; Ben Gurion standing speaking (MOS). 02:04:28 MCU & CU of men in audience listening; some women. Man picks nose. 02:04:57 MS men & women sitting in large room w/ hanging light bulbs lighting, floor covered w/ wine bottles; men inspecting; women gluing labels. CU man packing bottles. CU Young woman labeling. MCU labels: Carmel Sherry. Placing on bottles. 02:06:32 Int. office w/ ten men & one woman seated at L shaped table; several men enter & seated in front at desk, one stands in front of map to conduct meeting; gestures to map, MCU. 02:07:25 Woman stands & speaks (MOS), picture on wall behind. 02:07:57 Men at table speaking, smiling. 02:08:20 Men & women working in field, digging & planting; orchard behind. Donkeys pulling plows. Arabs? hoeing, pruning a man instructs. 02:09:51 Men & women picking, wrapping & packing oranges or grapefruit in orchard; nailing crate. Jewish Middle East; 1940s Agriculture; Zionism;

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