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Palestine Martial Law Lifted; Train Attack; Jewish Agency Meet

Reel Number: 221388-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1947

Country: Israel

Location: Jerusalem

TC Begins: 18:25:42

TC Ends: 18:31:38

Duration: 00:05:56

Palestine Martial Law Lifted; Train Attack; Jewish Agency Meet Mar47. Tearing up barbed wire barricades in street; gleeful, happy. Soldier thru street; others standing about. Orthodox Jewish kids. Soldier pulling barbed wire; others moving razor wire w/ stick. CU faces. 18:27:00 POV from car moving slowly past kids waving, following. 18:27:22 View of wrecked train (terrorist attack) in canyon from opposite hillside. Arabs (?) Patrol. P 10 R on engine. 18:27:39 Hadassah hospital & Jewish agency delegates incl. Rose Halpern, US Representative in doorway, cars parked. Ben Zvi (later 2nd President of Israel), Dr. Abba Silver (?) & others arrive, Halpern into building. Men acknowledge camera & enter. Sitting at long table. 18:28:01 David Ben Gurion sitting in wheel chair. 18:28:10 British Soldiers holding back crowds; car thru crowd. MCU of faces. Women & men crossing razor wire in street. 18:28:45 Train on tracks in canyon, pan to part of it off tracks. 18:28:55 Ben Gurion w/ men. Razor wire moved & crowd in street. Soldiers on armored car past. Halpern outside building. Arab looking at wrecked train; Arab women past train w/ cans on heads. 18:29:26 Men tugging at razor wire. Train wreckage & views of derailment. Arabs unloading tipped over car beside engine. Men into meeting. Pose w/ hats. 18:30:46 CU sign (Hebrew): Visitors’ Entrance. Others into meeting include Ben Zvi. Int. shot w/ Golda Meir (Meyerson) at table 18:31:24 LS hospital. 1940s Middle East;

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