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UN Airlift, Gardermoen, Norway, Tel Aviv, Israel - Lebanese Relief, 31Mar-02Apr78 Pt. 2 of 2

Reel Number: 221536-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1955

Country: Canada,Isarel,Israel,Norway,USA

Location: Gardermoen,Tel Aviv Airport

TC Begins: 18:41:30

TC Ends: 18:55:49

Duration: 00:14:19

UN Airlift, Gardermoen, Norway, Tel Aviv, Israel - Lebanese Relief, 31Mar-02Apr78 Pt. 1 of 2 Continued... View out cargo doors from inside empty cargo plane; white UN tractors backing in. Helicopters prepared to winch in, guiding in nose cargo door. Norwegian troops in line in front of plane. Nose cargo door lowered closed w/ sun behind plane 18:44:20 Slug 18:44:27 Cockpit shots; CUs crew in flight. CU United Nations patch on leather jacket. Crew working, gages, Norwegians talking, drinking coffee MCU reading, sleeping. 18:47:11 Slug 18:47:20 Tel Aviv. Unloading helicopters, side by side in nose, Norwegian troops watch; guard. 18:48:41 CU shoulder patch Canada & Maple Leaf insignia. Guiding UN truck & trailer off. Viw of planes on tarmac, unloading helicopters from nose, MSs. Tractor off. GOOD. 18:50:12 Slug 18:50:20 Slate: 01Apr78. Norwegian peacekeeping troops seated w/ weapons in back of UN trucks in convoy at airport; US AF planes beyond. Trucks move out. Main terminal w/ sign: Ben Gurion Airport. 18:52:16 LS AF C-141 Starlifter (?) cargo plane landing towards & past camera. Taxiing. Rear doors opening. 18:53:07 Slug 18:53:14 MS Norwegian troops in blue berets march past; board trucks w/ rifles & field packs, UN helmets. Israeli policeman watching. UN officers in shade. Unloading truck pulling trailer from plane. Canadian troops watching. Norwegian troops talking. 18:55:19 Truck convoy leaving. Italian & Norwegian officers talking, looking at paper (orders?) UNIFIL; Peacekeeping Preparations; 1978; Airlift; Near East; Middle East;

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