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YBS - Founding of Israel

Reel Number: 200541-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1947-1948

Country: Israel,Palestine,USA

Location: Haifa,Negev,New York,Tel Aviv,United Nations

TC Begins: 15:25:37

TC Ends: 15:27:57

Duration: 00:02:20

YBS - Founding of Israel 1947 - Jewish refugees from Europe on board ship attempting to land in Palestine. Sign United Nations Palestine Commission, UN in session. 15:26:14 Jewish troops routing Arabs from Haifa, bodies on ground. Negev desert area, 15:26:27 Arabs rounded up and taken prisoner. 15:26:38 Tel Aviv, David Ben Gurion arrives by car for new government installation. Jewish soldiers present arms. Israeli flag flying. UN soldiers with Israelis waving white flags as they retrieve dead from battlefields. 15:27:13 Dr. Chaim Weizmann with wife Vera, accompanied by Chief of Staff Ya’akov Dory and others wave to crowds. 15:27:12 UN in session - Abba Eban, Moshe Shertok (Sharet) seated in session; Arabic members walk out when Israel admitted to UN, empty seats. Eban and Shertok (behind them David Hacohen) looking up at Israeli flag raised.

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