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1952 - Politics, USA: General MacArthur Speaks in Mississippi, 22Mar52

Reel Number: 220701-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1950s

Country: USA

Location: Jackson, mississippi

TC Begins: 17:47:53

TC Ends: 18:01:06

Duration: 00:13:13

1952 - Politics, USA: General MacArthur Speaks in Mississippi, 22Mar52 SOF MacArthur in uniform at microphones saluting, National Anthem. MacArthur introduced - long applause. 17:49;30 MacArthur speaks: It is w/ a sense of high honor & distinction that I address the members of this legislative body....South’s mighty contribution...my heritage... edit 17:50:20 “America now stands at a crossroads. Down one lies a return to those immutable principles & ideals upon which rested our country’s past grandeur. Down the other lies the arbitrary rule of men leading to the ultimate loss of constitutional liberty. (edit) applause 17:51:08 ...the domestic scene has witnessed the greatest orgy of spending in history (edited). When voices are raised in alarmed protest over the reckless disappationof our national (edited) All this propaganda gives point to Benjamin Franklin sage warning, a half-truth is often a great lie. (applause) edit. 17:51:59 ...let first things be first. Let us regain faith & hope in our ability to achieve our own free destiny & let charity begin at home...we hear no clamor to pledge their own lives...and sacred honor in defense of their own liberties. We had the leadership of the world at war’s end....we betrayed our wartime ally China into Communist control, gave the Soviet a strategic hold upon areas & nations on the continent of Europe...to a position of acknowledged impotence. (edit but complete from 17:51:59) 17:54:38 “...would come under a real threat of invasion. I repeat here...the first line of Freedom’s defense...is Korea on the Yalu. Prejudice & wilfull voices scoffed...bankruptcy of leadership in our American tradition.(edit) 17:55:39 “This glaring faiilure in Korea is but symptomatic...it rears the threat of converting us into a military state. It is & has been & will continue to be a leadership of war.” (edit but complete from 17:55:39) 17:57:04 Let a leadership then emerge w/ the vision & moral courage...reorient foreign policy to reality & reason; & renew a devotion to God & the religious base upon which our country was erected.” (applause & end of speech. 17:58:05 MacArthur listens man thanking him at microphone “you have honored the people of Mississippi...” Dissolves joint assembly. 17:58:54 MOS. Spectators behind barriers outside Hawkins Field Municipal Airport. VIPs waiting. 17:59:28 MacArthur, wife & son off plane, waving. Greeted, CUs. Saluting, walking, reviewing soldiers / veterans. 18:00:21 View of speaking platform on steps of Capitol above banner Liberty. Pan of crowd. Standing w/ whites seated, some Blacks standing. MS Women under plastic sheet in rain. Cold War; Anti-Communist; Right Wing Conservative; Military War Hero; Anti-Communism; Great Speeches; Economics; Anti-Debt;

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