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Notizie Del Mondo Libero (Manila, Philippines Freed; Cologne Street Fighting; Remagen Bridge) 1945

Reel Number: H1719-03

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Germany,Italy,Philippines

Location: Cologne,intramuros,Koln,Manila

TC Begins: 10:28:40

TC Ends: 10:39:27

Duration: 00:10:47

Title montage. 10:29:01 Intertitle: Manila Liberata. 10:29:07 U. S. troops follow tanks down road; high angle of smoke rising from city. U.S. infantry behind tanks; tank guns & bazookas fired along hillside road. Troops across fields, into brush. Soldier drops grenade down tank turret, explosions. Huts bombed & burned. 10:30:26 Filipino & US troops across bridge, fighting. Aerial. Airfield w/ destroyed planes & hangers. Soldiers remove bomb w/ ropes. 10:30:57 Troops & native guerillas down road, enter the city; civilians cheer. Beer passed out; bells rung. Soldiers drinking from helmets. 10:31:43 Map of Philippine Islands & Pacific. Riflemen shooting, light artillery fired. Injured carried on stretchers. LS of burning streets & neighborhood. Filipino refugees salvaging things, moving thru streets. MCU of kids. Pit w/ bodies. Burning city & Intramuros. Soldiers street fighting; running thru flames in streets. Wounded carried. 10:34:07 Captured Filipino collaborationists thru street, lined up against a wall 10:34:20 General MacArthur inspects areas in the captured city. 10:34:32 Intertitle: La Battaglia Di Germania - Colonia E Remagen 10:34:44 High angle of street filled w/ rubble, destroyed buildings & street fighting. Tanks in street, pan across German posters to US soldiers w/ rifles. U.S. machine gunners firing from on top of pile of brick rubble at German car & man walking; wall of building falls. Troops find wrecked car & dead driver. GIs advance thru the ruins. Door smashed open. Troops down street w/ Cathedral towers in background. Soldiers fire on German tank, crew out & running, tank burns. VERY GOOD COVERAGE. 10:37:35 U.S. tanks, ambulances, and infantry cross the Remagen bridge. German POW's searched. Tank & half tracks across bridge & along road on riverbank. The End. WW2; WWII Battles; Fighting; Mar45; 1945;

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