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1945 - Germany Control Law Signing; Eagle Nest & Berchtesgaden; Patton; Norway; Venice

Reel Number: 221685-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945

Country: Germany,Italy,Norway,USA

Location: Berchtesgaden,Berlin,DC,Germany,Oslo,Venice,Washington

TC Begins: 04:49:20

TC Ends: 04:56:44

Duration: 00:07:24

Allies Sign Control Law For Germany Generals Eisenhower, Montgomery & de Tassigny arrive at Marshall Georgy Zhukov’s headquarters, interior at table for signing. MS Marshall Zhukov signing; Montgomery signing; France General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny; Ike signing. LS of photographers around table w/ VIPs. 04:49:55 Eisenhower, Zhukov & De Taussigny pose, shot from low angle; also posing w/ Monty. Post-WWII German Occupation; Post-WW2; Heroes; Ceremony 1945; Allied Control Authority; Four Powers Signing; Berlin Declaration of 1945; Declaration Regarding the Defeat of Germany; 05Jun45; 04:50:00 Title: GI’s Tour Hitler’s Hideout Village w/ Bavarian Alps behind, jeeps w/ soldiers into Berchtesgaden. British, French & US flag flying from hotel (?). CU hand holding picture of Hitler w/ his butler; Arthur Kannengerg w/ wife & two blond nieces. 04:50:29 CU sign: Under New Management Playland for der GI’s. 04:50:37 Ext. Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest aka Kehlsteinhaus; view on top of mountain. High angle of Berchtesgarten, closer shot & hand lettered sign: Hitler’s Home. GI walking thru tunnel to shelter, shown w/ record albums on shelves, overturned books, lamp. 04:51:37 Store room w/ paintings & frames. 04:51:42 GI w/ rifle looking over valley 04:51:47 Title: Personalities In The News. General Patton walking on White House lawn w/ President Truman. MCU shaking hands. 04:52:04 Henry Hopkins & Joseph E. Davies on White House steps after arranging Big Three meeting in London & Moscow. 04:52:28 Title: Airport Fog No Longer A Menace. Pipes on airfield. Fog moving across. Soldiers opening valves, CU gasoline in trough igniting, heavy smoke & flames. POV from landing plane & seen on ground. FIDO w/ fighter bombers landing. GOOD. 04:53:47 Title: Norway Hails Freedom Kids walking past women passing out buns & sausages confiscated from Germans; CU happy children eating. LS parade of crowd down street w/ flags celebrating Independence Day; kids waving to Prince Olaf on palace balcony. University students waving. GOOD celebration. 04:54:39 Title: Yanks Rest In Venice Aerials over city canals. Amphibious DUKWs w/ troops past gondolas. CU gondolier w/ couples of GIs & girl friends. 04:55:21 Title: Stay Home, Gov’t Pleads. Troops lining rails of arriving transport, down gangway w/ duffels. Out of planes; boarding trains. Railroad station w/ crowds; wounded onto bunks in hospital ship. CU Colonel Johnson SOF to camera: “This job looks and actually is impossible unless you help...stay off trains & buses...the vacation season this year coincides w/ the peak of military travel...” Post-WW2; Transportation Shortage; Soldiers; War-Time Inventions; Pacific Wart Troop Movements; Homefront; 1945 Travel Embargo; Post-WWII;

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