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1952 - Americana: Eisenhower Presidential Campaign Activities Pt. 1

Reel Number: 250086-12

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1952

Country: USA

Location: Abilene,Kansas

TC Begins: 02:50:10

TC Ends: 02:58:21

Duration: 00:08:11

1952 - Americana: Eisenhower Presidential Campaign Activities We Like Ike banner across street, straw hat w/ I Like Ike put on young boy; I Like Ike pennants at street vendor stand. 02:50:45 Brief shots: small town parade in rain for Eisenhower; corner stone laying; speaking; floats; crowds; products; stores w/ window displays for Ike. Eisenhower home. 02:52:31 Billboard: Welcome to Abilene. Family home of Gen. ‘Ike’ Eisenhower. MCUs people sitting, waiting, listening on lawns. Loudspeakers. 02:53:42 Santa Fe streamliner passenger train arriving to crowded station platform; MS Ike & Mamie off train & thru crowd to speakers stand. Waves to crowd & covers a time capsule for Eisenhower Foundation founded, 1945. 02:55:15 Signs for Ike; people on top of buildings. Parade floats, Ike home shots; crowd watching; off train. To speakers stand; covering capsule. Politics; Presidential Elections; Campaigning; Republican Party; Folksy; More material of same trip & location on 250086-13.

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