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1953 - Korean War: Truce In Korea. (Ike Announces) 26Jul53

Reel Number: 250072-13

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1953

Country: Korea,USA

Location: DC,Panmunjom,Washington

TC Begins: 22:31:39

TC Ends: 22:33:18

Duration: 00:01:39

1953 - Korean War: Truce In Korea. (Ike Announces) Jul53 22:31:44 American & United Nations officers walking; Communist negotiators walking. UN officer reading agreement, other soldiers. MLS of Panmunjom meeting hall, pan to waiting reporters & neutral observers. Swish pan to... 22:32:12 President Eisenhower at desk with microphones, reporters taking notes at press conference: SOF: “We have won an armistice on a single battleground, not peace in the world. We may not now relax our guard or cease our quest. Throughout the coming months, during the period of prisoner screening & exchange, & during the possibly longer period of the political conference which looks towards the reunification of Korea, we & our United Nation allies must be vigilant against the possibility of untoward developments. And as we do so we shall fervently strive to ensure that this armistice will, in fact, bring free peoples one step nearer to their goal of a world at peace.” Radio & Television Announcement; Speech; Korean Armistice; Cold War;

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