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1960 - U-2 Spy Trial, Ike Hits Powers Case Exploitation By Reds

Reel Number: 250042-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1960

Country: Russia,USA,USSR

Location: Moscow

TC Begins: 10:53:12

TC Ends: 10:55:14

Duration: 00:02:02

1960 - U-2 Spy Trial, Ike Hits Powers Case Exploitation By Reds 10:53:17 Ext. of Moscow’s Trade Union House. Int. MCU father of Francis Powers w/ reporters; ext w/ people on sidewalk; wife & mother into court. Interior. Still of Powers. 10:53:37 President Eisenhower & into press conference. At microphone, SOF: “When we released publicly that the U-2 belonged to us & it was on a reconnaissance mission we were doing something that in a modern world was the only way we could find out that any information on a closed society; and a society that is constantly threatening us by their strength & boasting to the world what they could do to the world and the rest of it. Now, this has not put the United States on trial whatsoever. If they want to say that they’re putting me on trial that is their privilege. But to put the United States on trial this way is just another piece of their propaganda that distorts facts into their own line of charge & allegation. What they are trying to say is that they are condemning the United States in the whole world opinion. Well I think they have no case whatsoever; the number of spies that we have caught, and the cases of bribery & subversion which have been proved all over the world, denies any validity whatsoever to this kind of charge. Cold War; Spying; U-2 Incident; Aerial Reconnaissance; Explanation;

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