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Top News Stories Of 1952

Reel Number: 221107-36

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1952

Country: England,Iran,Korea,Marshall Islands,Netherlands,PACIFIC UNITED KINGDOM,South Korea,United Kingdom,USA

Location: DC,Elizabeth,kOJE iSLAND,London,Marshall Islands,Michigan,New Jersey,New York City,NJ,ponggam island,The Hague,Washington

TC Begins: 16:49:19

TC Ends: 16:56:04

Duration: 00:06:45

Top News Stories Of 1952 Crowds of American voters - Eisenhower campaign speech “...with speed and honour I shall go to Korea” - applause - neon news in Times Square ? ‘Eisenhower Elected’ - Ike & wife cheered onto stage. 16:50:39 Ike off plane in Korea - reviews troops. 16:51:01 Truman seizes steel industry after strikes - Judge Pine rules against President in court battle. 16:51:28 Death of King George VI - Princess Elizabeth reviews Royal Guard on horseback. 16:52:05 Riots over Suez Canal & Sudan occupation. King Farouk exiled after Egyptian military coup. 16:52:34 Nationalization of British oil in Iran - demonstration - Mosaddegh at the Hague. 16:53:07 Devastated buildings in Elizabeth, New Jersey, after air crash. Wreckage of plane which crashed on West coast killing 86 GIs. British jet explodes over air show killing 29 - engine hurtles into crowd. Rescue operation among wreckage of trains which collided outside London - 200 dead. US freighter Flying Enterprise sinks off English coast w/ Captain Carlsson hailed as hero. 16:54:31 Rebellion of 20,000 Communist prisoners at Korean PoW camp on Koje Island - UN guards throw smoke bombs. 87 North Korean prisoners killed during violence on Pongam Island - rioters marched away by armed guards. 16:55:01 Damage from prison riots in Michigan & New Jersey. 16:55:21 US explodes hydrogen bomb - Marshall Islands ? Korean War. Nuclear / Atomic Warfare. Anti-Communism. Disasters.

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