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WWII - 1944 , France: Eisenhower, Etain France

Reel Number: 250122-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France

Location: Etain

TC Begins: 04:00:11

TC Ends: 04:03:00

Duration: 00:02:49

INV 2105 29Sep44 General Eisenhower’s car follows larger car w/ star thru gate, Etain, France; greeted by Patton & Bradley. All saluting. 04:00:44 Ike reviews troops (Third Army Military Police) & talks to some. 04:00:54 Patton & Ike look at wristwatches. 04:00:58 Int w/ Allied officers looking at maps, talking & laughing. 04:01:12 Ike posing w/ General Walton Walker. 04:01:19 Slate: 29Sep44. Gen. Eisenhower. 04:01:22 Ike talking w/ three-star General Patton. MCU Ike putting star on Brigadier General Raymond McLain. CU Ike smoking, talking w/ ornate wallpaper behind. Sitting eating lunch w/ Patton & Bradley. 04:02:22 Slate: same. 04:02:23 Ike out of US Army 3rd Army HQ & saluting followed by others. CU of Ike. Into car & leaving. Patton posing w/ Generals Walker, Gaffey, McLain, Thompson, Weyland & Colonel Harkins & other staff officers. WWII Awards; WW2; Synchronizing Watches;

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