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WWII - 1944, France, Eisenhower, Bradley & Others into Paris, 26Aug44

Reel Number: H0421-10

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1944

Country: France

Location: Paris

TC Begins: 01:48:05

TC Ends: 01:52:28

Duration: 00:04:23

WWII - 1944, France, Eisenhower, Bradley & Others into Paris, 26Aug44 INV 1492. MS General Eisenhower standing in front of wall of foliage talking (MOS). 01:48:18 Truck convoy along road, Eisenhower beside road takes picture of destroyed tank along side or road. Walks up to overturned tank & looks at heavy damage. 01:48:46 Ike looking out of window of staff car. Walks w/ Montgomery across field w/ camouflaged nets over ?? behind. They look at map w/ others, smile & walk on. 01:49:15 Ike beside road w/ destroyed vehicles beyond; heavily damaged artillery, cars, trucks, etc. Shakes hands w/ English Tommys . 01:49:45 Pan destroyed German equipment. Army photographer past, 01:50:09 Girl brings flowers to Ike; another follows & shakes his hand. 01:50:19 POV down Champs-Elysees to Arc de Triomphe; following Eisenhower staff car & others thru nearly empty street. 01:50:34 Ike out at Arc de Triomphe & shaking hands w/ ?? & French military. US military cameraman trying to get picture; Ike w/ Bradley, French officers & others, tilt up monument.. Ike into car & driving thru streets w/ Military Police / soldiers w/ rifles on jeeps thru street. Photographers & others w/ Ike talking to French officers. GOOD. 01:52:17 Tanks & soldiers thru street, Ike & Bradley car leaves. WW2;

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