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WWII - 1945: China Coolies; Ernie Pyle Dead; Eisenhower Observing Fighting & Advance In Germany

Reel Number: 300192

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1940s,1945

Country: China,Germany,Japan,USA

Location: Okinawa,Ryukyu Islands

TC Begins: 01:00:01

TC Ends: 01:03:52

Duration: 00:03:51

WWII - 1945: China Coolies; Ernie Pyle Dead; Eisenhower Observing Fighting & Advance In Germany Intertitle: Coolie Transport In China. Labor teams of coolies pulling & pushing carts of 55 gallon drums w/ US flags on sticks along gravel road; LS carrying into building; MS filling; LS warehouse w/ rows of drums. LS man coolies in harnesses above river pulling junks up river rapids, MCU straining, bent knees, moving slowly. 01:00:55 Intertitle: Ernie Pyle Killed By Jap Sniper. MCU Very thin Pyle on shipboard; w/ troops on landing craft. High Angle / HA Troops off landing craft on Okinawa; MS sitting on duffel bags, Pyle eating, talking; standing having picture taken by military photographer w/ ships in background. 01:01:26 Intertitle: Allies Sweep Thru Reich. Supreme Commander General Eisenhower out of jeep, CU 5 star license plate. Ike w/ other Generals watching attack from hilltop & ???. CU w/ binoculars, smoke rising from explosions in town. HA U.S. infantrymen advance, street-fighting, into towns w/ light artillery; flames out of window of burning building w/ snipers firing in next door window. Tank & infantry advance. German soldiers surrendering; white flags lining street. 01:02:19 US Army trucks w/ troops along road. Autobahn w/ reconnaissance spotter planes parked on one side & jeep moving on other. Pilot & ?? in plane, CU propellor turning, plane taking off. 01:02:42 Aerial above divided Autobahn w/ overpasses, equipment parked, military traffic. 01:03:00 Artillery firing, farm buildings behind. 01:03:10 Road along hillside littered w/ equipment; burning equipment in village. US half-track & jeep passing destroyed Nazi equipment. Tank entering town watched by civilians. German vehicle w/ dead soldier. Plaza w/ military monument. Railyard with tracks torn & twisted, pan to destroyed munition factories. WW2; Newsreel; Superhighway;

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