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Nuclear Navy, The Pt. 1 of 3

Reel Number: 221566-03

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1967

Country: USA

Location: Arco,Connecticut,DC,Groton,Idaho,OAK RIDGE,Washington

TC Begins: 05:27:54

TC Ends: 05:36:28

Duration: 00:08:34

Pt. 1 of 3 F-4 Phantom Jets (?) catapulted from aircraft carrier runway. CU getting ready & launching. 05:28:20 USS Enterprise (CVN-65) w/ deck lined w/ fighter jets thru water. CU Greek philosopher Democritus head in bronze sculpture. Photographs of atomic particles. 05:29:03 Nuclear blast in Pacific. Large wake of ship; carrier bow thru water. 05:29:34 Main Title: The Nuclear Navy. 05:29:57 Frank Blair sitting on stool explaining history of nuclear power w/ photos behind relating to history of atomic power. 05:30:42 MCU Nuclear submarine on surface; surface ships. Aerials. 05:31:09 Still photograph w/ Dr. Lise Meitner & Dr. Otto Hahn, 1938, in laboratory; Enrico Fermi. 05:31:32 Montage: Explosions & soldiers running, fighting, blasts. VERY GOOD. 05:31:48 Aerial over two stack liner filled w/ returning troops. 05:32:01 Montage: 1946, naval officers & civilians at table talking. Clinton Laboratory, aka Oak Ridge two-story barrack housing w/ cars driving in. Employees show identification. Int. large industrial plant w/ machinery working, crane moving large item, oscilloscope working, lathe, overhead crane. 05:32:50 MCU Adm Nimitz at desk. Ext. Atomic Energy Commission building w/ name. Int. Hyman Rickover briefing Forrestal, w/ cutaway of submarine showing power plant. 05:33:37 Montage: Ext workers leaving plant. Int. workers at large machinery. Aerial: Arco National Reactor Test Site, Idaho. Int. engineers constructing. CU sign: Reactor On. Reactor w/ water boiling & rods . Steam pipes. Engineers smoking pipes at blackboard. Large control panels & technicians. 05:34:28 Montage: 1951, Engineers w/ blueprints; construction of reactor plant for Nautilus submarine, technicians working, draftsmen, AEC Bettis Laboratory run by Westinghouse. 05:34:56 Blair w/ drawing / diagram / chart explains nuclear propulsion system & principle. 05:35:50 14Jun52 Keel laying of Nautilus (SSN-571) by President Truman; 21Jan54 christening by Mamie Eisenhower. Launching. Good color footage. Continued.. Military Technology; Atomic Age; Inventions; 1950s; Cold War; NOTE: Shots brief but good sequences & color quality excellent.

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