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1959 - Cuba: Cuba In Crisis - Ike Says “No Comment” To Castro’s Attack

Reel Number: H1699-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1959

Country: Cuba,USA

Location: DC,Havana,Washington

TC Begins: 11:45:18

TC Ends: 11:47:16

Duration: 00:01:58

1959 - Cuba: Cuba In Crisis - Ike Says “No Comment” To Castro’s Attack 11:45:23 High angle massive crowd in Havana, MCU President Osvaldo Dorticos Torrao. 11:45:34 CU Fidel Castro gesturing, speaking at microphones (MOS). Crowds on roofs & balconies. 11:45:55 Press conference w/ journalists standing as President Eisenhower enters. 11:46:05 Still photographers w/ very long lenses on cameras. 11:46:08 Reporters taking notes. 11:46:11 MS Ikes at mics w/ arms folded asked a question by Washington Post reporter. Ike shrugs & turns to mics (SOF): “Well actually I went over very carefully with the Secretary of State, the statement that he made, about the charges that have been made by Mr. Castro & our reply to it. So I think that is about as full an answer as I can make at this time. I have no idea of discussing the possible motivation of a man, what he’s really been doing. And certainly I’m not qualified to go into such an abstruse & difficult subject as that. I do feel that here is a country that you would believe on the basis of our history would be one of our real friends.” 1959; Cuban Revolution; Anti-Americanism;

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