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Grenada - The Future Coming Towards Us Pt 1 of 3

Reel Number: 220724-01

Color: Black and White and Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1930s-1983

Country: Grenada,USA


TC Begins: 04:00:02

TC Ends: 04:14:41

Duration: 00:14:39

Grenada - The Future Coming Towards Us Pt. 1 of 3 June 5th 1983 - audience applaud Maurice Bishop after his speech at Hunter College NYC. Banner “Welcome Maurice - Grenada is Not alone” . 04:00:30 CU Bishop speaking - tells audience of leaked State Dept. document which said Grenada was more of a danger than Cuba or Nicaragua as the people spoke English and could communicate directly with the people of the United States. Audience stand to applause. Bishop continues re US race prejudice. Audience cheering - good shots Bishop. Black screen - narration re the killings of Bishop and others less than 5 months after his appearance at Hunter College. 04:03:36 Film which was completed days before October 1983. Waves beating on shore. Old woman kneading bread in kitchen. Graffiti “ We Shall Take no More”. Child reading political statement at rally. Maurice Bishop addresses rally. 04:04:46 Women sorting nuts ? talking about benefits of the revolution. 04:05:17 On screen quote from Caldwell Taylor over shots US aircraft carrier: ”The US is prepared to attack anything that emerges from the Caribbean which threatens its domination of the region”. Bombing up plane on carrier. Map of Caribbean. Night - crowds on streets. Man speaking about revolution in Grenada with group of men. Reggae band playing. 04:07:19 Dawn - palm trees - waves crashing on shore. School children singing patriotic song. Montage: Grenadians having good time - sailing - at rally - dancing - scenic shots - construction - schools. 04:09:02 Old man speaking re Imperialist system - “now we slaving for ourselves” Man sharpening machete. Night shots traditional dancing (brief) 04:10:25 Cave paintings and art representing colonialism in the last 400 years on Grenada. Etchings illustrating slavery and torture used on slaves. Paintings of freed slaves working on plantations. 04:12:15 Young woman speaks about the export of goods from Grenada to the detriment of the natives, how Grenada has been consciously underdeveloped. 04:12:39 Men and women working on farm - primitive methods. 04:13:15 Flashback 1930s B/W Unloading crates on dock - banana plantation - sugar cane. 04:13:32 Col. Sugar cane - top shot plantation. 04:13:45 Eric Gairy - montage stills. Military parade - Chile - Augusto Pinochet meeting w/ members of Grenada Security forces. Reception - those attending include Henry Kissinger - Sir Eric Gairy - Jimmy t and Gerald Ford with wives. Gairy meeting with President. Continued... Politics; Anti-Communism; NOTE: License fee applies.

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