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1930s - 1950s, USA Montage Shots: Before the Day - Excerpt

Reel Number: 220455-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1920s-1930s

Country: USA


TC Begins: 01:45:47

TC Ends: 01:50:23

Duration: 00:04:36

Before the Day - Excerpt Montage: 1950s (?) office; Salvation Army & breadlines w/ food distribution outdoors w/ van & people queuing, many Blacks, eating sandwiches. Some soldiers. Man buying apple from unemployed man in coat at curb. 01:46:06 Montage: traveling shot past women at desks in Social Security office. Man w/ several children in front of row house, talks w/ crippled girl on doorstep. CU two old men. Blind man w/ dog crosses street. Mother dresses small child near bathtub. Disabled man w/ hooks instead of hands uses typewriter. Homeless man sleeps on pavement. Various CU poor people. 01:46:57 Montage: Window Employment Service. Inside metal working shop; automobile factory. Workers outdoors on construction site or quarry(?). Men throwing rivets on dam project. Streamline trains in & out of city. Man & woman picnic under tree. Top shot & brief tracking shot Library of Congress reading room. 01:47:41 Oklahoma land Rush. Wagons assembled & race after as Cavalry man sounds trumpet signal. Pounding stump. CU plowing sod w/ horse. Large field, farmer or pioneer. CU grains harvested. Felling trees for timber by hand. Steam train passes. Panning for gold. Digging the earth. Cattle drive. Wagon train & pioneers past. Cowboy on horseback. Aerial view cattle in wilderness, skyline w/ steam train trail. 01:49:11 Montage: sign: “Wall Street”. Office, stock market ticker-tape machine falls to floor, newspaper headlines re stock market crash. Traders on floor active. Man in street with sign “Unemployed will take any job”. Man gives money to newspaper boy. Deserted farm. Farmer’s children on back of Okie’s wagon leaving. Deserted land, dead trees. Dustbowl shots. Family outside tent w/ baby, watch cars going past. Insect on cracked parched earth. Congress, top shot. Poverty; Depression; Aid Programs; FDR New Deal; Economics;

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