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1936 - President Roosevelt Election: NYC Crowds Voting; FDR Votes in Hyde Park, NY. 03Nov36

Reel Number: 220461-36

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL and SD

Year / Date: 1936,1930s

Country: USA

Location: New York City,NYC: Hyde Park, New York

TC Begins: 07:51:19

TC Ends: 07:54:44

Duration: 00:03:25

1936 - President Roosevelt Election: NYC Crowds Voting; FDR Votes in Hyde Park, NY. 03Nov36 Intertitle: Roosevelt Landslide 07:51:26 03Nov36 Voters lined up on sidewalk / queuing & entering laundry shop to vote. 07:51:30 Interior. Man leaves voting booth. 07:51:34 Exterior w/ Black crowd on sidewalk waiting to vote. Old bearded Jewish man & registrar signs in to vote. 07:51:41 FDR in car past crowd to Town Hall in small town. CUs. SOF. Stands, holding arm of son, Elliot, in polling place, calls out his name. Photographers as he goes into voting booth, pulls curtain shut. Still photographers. 07:52:30 Poses on arm of son in front of booth. Car drives off & he waves; mother (?) in back seat beside him. 07:52:38 Republican candidate Alfred Landon casts vote & poses w/ wife in front of booth; MS deposits ballot into bucket followed by others. CU Landon. 07:52:56 Night, FDR on arm of Elliot w/ others on porch of Hyde Park home. SOF: “I want to tell you how much I appreciate your coming down and I hope in the next four years, the worst part of the emergency being over, I will be able to spend a little more time in Hyde Park. Si. poses, smiling, waves. 07:53:29 Si. High Angle / HA Night, huge crowds in Times Square (?) POV on top of truck (?) thru streets w/ neon lights & signs. 07:53:41 Si. Women in coats w/ fur collars & w/ fancy hats in carriage pulled by man in top hat w/ sign: Landon Also Ran. Sign on carriage “We Bet On Roosevelt”. High Angle / HA woman whips him. 07:54:26 Si. Roosevelt at desk w/ his mother looks through large pile of congratulatory letters. CU FDR. Presidential Elections; Blacks; 1930s; Gag; Stunts; Voting; Celebrations; NOTE: Sold at per reel rate.

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