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FDR Navy Day Dinner Speech - Oct. 27, 1941

Reel Number: 220683-09

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941

Country: USA

Location: Mayflower Hotel,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 21:16:12

TC Ends: 21:26:52

Duration: 00:10:40

FDR Navy Day Dinner Speech - Oct. 27, 1941 President Roosevelt at podium with applause. 'Gen. Donovan, ladies & gentlemen...five months ago tonight I proclaimed to the American People a state of limited emergency...our Army & Navy are in Iceland...Hitler has attacked...north & south Atlantic. The shooting has started...and history has recorded who has fired the first shot, in the long run all that will matter is who has fired the last...I have a map...of South America & Central America as Hitler proposes to re-arrange it. '...the goods will be delivered by this nation...damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead...' ...power to sea as our full duty.' Applause & National Anthem sung.

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