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Life and Death of the USS Hornet, The

Reel Number: 220333-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1941-1943

Country: USA

Location: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

TC Begins: 17:01:06

TC Ends: 17:16:53

Duration: 00:15:47

The Life and Death of the USS Hornet - scratched 17:01:06 Title: Restricted to the men & women of America’s shipyards & war plants upon whom in large part... 17:01:14 Titles Washington, Capitol. FDR press conference announcing bombing of Japan. Reporters run out to phones & typewriters. Man at NBC microphone. Headlines: Japs Murder Doolittle’s Fliers - F.D. 17:02:03 People listening to radios, buying newspapers. Headline’ Carrier Hornet was Shangri-La. Workers at shipyard, in factories. Welding, machine shops, CU of oriental & black workers. Hornet launched. Loading Hornet w/ goods & sailors up gangway. 20Oct41 dedication, soldiers to attention and Secretary Navy makes speech. Views of ship moving. 17:05:41 Plane squadrons on board, flying. Signal officers. Plane falls off carrier, crew to the rescue, landings on carrier. B25 bombers on deck. 18Apr43 army planes ready for takeoff to Tokyo. Admiral Halsey. Aerial views Hornet. 17:08:58 Torpedo Squadron 8 before Battle of Midway. Planes taking off for Battle of Midway on 4Jun42. In radio room. Church service for dead. Crew exercising on flight deck. Everyday life on ship, training. 20Oct42 Battle of Santa Cruz. Planes taking off at dawn. Crew lookout on deck. Japanese planes, ship firing, Japanese planes hit. Hornet burning. Crew abandons ship and aboard rescue ships. Ship torpedoed and sunk at night. Wounded transferred to other ship and ashore. New ships launched. WWII Pacific War;

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