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SAC Museum & Doolittle Raiders

Reel Number: 220337-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1980s,1942

Country: Japan,USA

Location: Castle AFB, California,Tokyo

TC Begins: 01:16:00

TC Ends: 01:24:55

Duration: 00:08:55

SAC Museum & Doolittles Raid Various shots B-25 on ground at Castle Air Force Base. General James (Jimmy) Doolittle walks up to plane. 01:16:42 Title - April 18th 1942 - Aircraft carrier w/ B-25 Mitchell Medium Bombers on deck. Doolittle at desk talks about mission to bomb Tokyo. Air to air B-25 in flight - Doolittle speaking - 1942 B-25s training for short takeoffs. 01:19:18 Carrier at sea, crews on deck pose for camera, in briefing room. Doolittle at desk. Back on carrier - Japanese ships sighted & destroyed. Aircraft readied for early take off, planes take off from carrier. Various shots planes in flight at low level - air to air bombs dropped - explosions. Shots of minimal damage to city - aircraft in flight. Bombers who had to land on beach due to shortage of fuel. Newspaper headline “Americans Bomb Tokyo”, Doolittle at desk. 01:23:21 On board carrier shots of planes & crew members. Medals presented on return. Doolittle w/ President Roosevelt (FDR). Bomber in flight. Air Force officer to camera: “Its been nearly forty years since B-25 bombed Tokyo” & changes that have happened since then but the need to remember why the Museum at Strategic Air Command (SAC) Castle AFB is such a good idea. WWII Pacific Bombing Mission;

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