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WWII - 1942, Homefront - President Roosevelt’s Tour of West Coast War Plants, 22-23Sep42

Reel Number: 220506-05

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1942,1940s

Country: USA

Location: Bremerton, Washington,Portland, Oregon

TC Begins: 00:36:07

TC Ends: 00:44:31

Duration: 00:08:24

WWII - 1942, Homefront - President Roosevelt’s Tour of West Coast War Plants. 22-23Sep42 22Sep42 Bremerton, Washington Naval Base. Wounded sailors in wheelchairs lining street; others standing w/ FDR’s car behind secret service & officers. 00:36:16 MS FDR talking from open top car to naval officers. FDR past sailors. FDR w/ navy officer in car outside train. Beside submarine, car surrounded by secret service; w/ Anna Boettiger beside car; Docks & ships in background. NOTE: Brief cuts. 00:37:26 NOTE: Probably 23Sep42, Portland, Oregon. FDR w/ Henry Kaiser in car past. FDR's daughter Anna shaking hands w/ Kaiser. Car past workers along dock, FDR waves. Motorcade past camera. FDR talking with ???. 00:39:14 FDR in car inside huge building watching molten metal poured. (dark) 00:40:04 FDR w/ sailors in wheelchairs as at beginning. Submarine on RR car. MS FDR talking w/ Henry Kaiser. Anna & Kaiser standing, talking. FDR & Kaiser past workers & ships at dock. 00:42:14 Bow of large ship, bottle broken & launch; sliding down ways w/ 10 Days on bow. 00:42:54 High Angle / HA pan over shipyard. 00:42:59 FDR & Kaiser in car watching. Pan over workers; FDR in car past. Motorcade & past w/ FDR waving. LS of car w/ ships behind for launching. FDR w/ ?? beside railroad train. FDR handshaking from car beside train before leaving, including Henry Kaiser. WW2; War Effort; Morale; NOTE: Anna Boettiger launched the Liberty Ship, SS Joseph Teal (AP-2), built in 10 days 23Sep42, Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation, in Portland, Oregon. Also in FDR’s car was Henry Kaiser & son Edgar & Oregon Governor Charles Sprague. NOTE: Sold at per reel rate.

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