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You in Great Britain R2 of 2

Reel Number: 220466-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1954

Country: EnglandUSAUNITED KINGDOM,United Kingdom

Location: London Washington

TC Begins: 03:03:58

TC Ends: 03:19:06

Duration: 00:15:08

You in Great Britain R2 of 2 Interior pub, men at bar drinking beer, playing darts - two US servicemen sitting at table watching. Conversations between two Londoners about the Americans and the two Americans about the British character. Americans play darts - mixing with the English 03:06:16 Graphic re British government - Houses of Parliament - commentary explaining the British political system. Interior House of Commons chamber with MPs taking seats. Graphic explaining House of Lords. US serviceman sitting at bar with locals. Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park. 03:07:57 Family sitting room, man reading newspaper, wife knitting. Flick through family photograph album 03:08:52 Coronation procession - Queen Elizabeth II in coach. Crowds outside Buckingham Palace, Americans mingling in crowd. Changing of the Guard - Trooping the Colour. Animated map showing British Empire / colonies. 03:10:30 Family life on Sunday - family leaving house for church - walking down suburban street. Exteriors Church of England church - Roman Catholic church - synagogue. 03:11:18 Exterior Charing Cross? Railway station - platforms - diesel passenger train out of station. Family getting onto coach which is heading for Kent. Coach along country roads - villages - Windsor Castle - Eton - schoolboys dressed in top hats etc. Panning shot across fields. London - Trafalgar Square. Sequence to show differences between British and Americans - left hand driving - drinking tea - US soldier talking to policeman - US sailor buying fruit from market stall. Part two 03:13:03 Sequence to show what the British may find strange about Americans. US servicemen sitting with feet on table, chewing gum - reading comic. American football game - overlaid with amusing English commentry e.g. “ nobody knows who’s got the ball - so knock down everybody in sight“. Servicemen sitting in Cinema watching this film. Sequence on British sport - Horse racing, Grand National - Cricket - Rugby - Football - FA Cup final - Churchill presenting trophy. 03:15:37 Terraced street - housing - walking in London park - country stream - US men in museum looking at busts of Milton, Robert Burns, Wordsworth, Shakespeare. Houses of Parliament, Big Ben. Statue Abraham Lincoln. Unveiling statue FDR Roosevelt. 03:17:17 Eisenhower (Ike) inspecting British army - atomic bomb exploding. 03:17:42 Family sitting down to dinner with American. Painting of Spanish Armada - Statue Wellington - Cenotaph - King George VI at medal ceremony - British army during WWII in North Africa. Back to dining room - exterior middle class terraced housing. Shoppers - American serviceman shaking hands with two English men on street. Houses of Parliament. Post-WW2; 1954; 1950s; England; Sold at per reel rate.

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