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Your Job Insurance

Reel Number: 220409-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1938

Country: USA

Location: Louisiana

TC Begins: 03:00:05

TC Ends: 03:08:00

Duration: 00:07:55

Your Job Insurance Exterior Capitol with flag flying. Interior congress in session. President Roosevelt (FDR) seated surrounded by men and women as he signs. Map of USA with moving pix superimposed. Members of Social Security Board. 03:01:29 Louisiana - Baton Rouge, pan down building. Governor Richard W. Lesh ? with State Labour Commissioner in office. 03:01;58 Dock scenes - industry - offices. Wages office, men clocking off. “Steve” who has just lost his job - he goes to Department of Labor State employment office. Steve with woman clerk, Steve interviewed by male clerk re benefit payments for unemployment. On screen display of jobs which do not cover / insure against unemployment. Steve leaves office. Dates on calendar falling March 1938. Steve reports back to unemployment office after a week. Pages of calendar falling. Steve reports again to unemployment office. Steve opening his mail box and getting unemployment cheque. Steve and wife in grocery store. Steve and family at home, gets letter telling him employment office have found him a job. Map of US superimposed with workers. Declaration of Independence.

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