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Into The Gulf - Desert Storm Compilation

Reel Number: 221024-01

Color: Colour

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1990-1991

Country: Iraq,Persian Gulf Area,USA


TC Begins: 21:00:12

TC Ends: 21:10:38

Duration: 00:10:26

Into The Gulf - Desert Storm Compilation Documentary re US Coast Guard activities during First Gulf War using material from the 5-reel film Into the Gulf Fast montage - individual shots may not be usable: Coast guard “Raider” motorboat. “Wanted” poster of Saddam Hussein. USA - Troops embarking in plane & takeoff and other pre-departure preparations. Trying on gas mask. Sign “Baghdad - 18 minutes SCUD time”. Gulf - Troops in desert. Battleship firing gun. US Coast Guard flag. Coast Guards on boats. 21:02:09 USA Port Operations - loading and inspecting supplies bound for Gulf incl. tanks, weapons, explosives. 21:04:01 Maritime Interception Force - Gulf - Helicopters silhouetted in front of sunset; US soldier in front of sunset. Mosque. Oil ship. President Bush very brief. Member of Maritime Interception Force explains how they intercept cargo ships in Persian Gulf region to enforce embargo & sanctions; images of actual inspection of merchant ship. 21:05:39 Port Security and Harbour Defence - re protecting safety of cargo transport. Cargo ship. Checking with mirror under vehicle. Harbour patrol motor boat. Forklift truck at port. Commander praises Coast Guard. 21:07:08 Camouflage shelter by sea. Soldier behind heap of sandbags looks through binoculars. Troops briefing in tent. Officer recounts seeing a SCUD missile. Actual SCUD seen. Motor boat on sea at dawn. Coast Guard flag. Montage: Coast Guard men at various everyday tasks in Gulf no combat. 21:09:00 Boarding transport plane and servicemen inside plane. Families of servicemen waving goodbye at airport & waving flags. Returning servicemen reunions with families at airfield - lots of hugging and kissing - slow motion. Iraq War. Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield. NB Picture quality poor.

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