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History At U.N. - World Leaders Set New York A-Whirl

Reel Number: 221571-08

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1960

Country: USA

Location: Glen Cove,Harlem,Long Island,New York City,NYC,United Nations

TC Begins: 03:34:02

TC Ends: 03:38:20

Duration: 00:04:18

History At U.N. - World Leaders Set New York A-Whirl 03:34:31 Traffic on New York City avenue outside Yugoslavian Embassy; MS crowds behind police line. 03:34:38 MS Gamal Abdul Nasser shaking hands w/ Josip Tito, smiling & hugging. 03:34:48 LS mansion at Soviet estate, Glen Cove, Long Island. MS Photographers. Nasser & Khrushchev exit, posing smiling. 03:35:08 LS Hotel Theresa, Harlem, NYC. 03:35:11 Castro & Nasser exiting thru crowd of policemen & photographers. 03:35:16 Ext. w/ demonstrators w/ signs. 03:35:18 Nasser, Fidel Castro & Raul (barely seen) posing. 03:35:22 Motorcade w/ Eisenhower waving from open car, crowds applauding. 03:35:41 Ike w/ Nehru in hotel room sit on couch / sofa. Stand & shake hands. 03:36:06 Still & newsreel photographers. 03:36:09 Ike & Nasser walk into room sit on couch, talking. Photographers. Stand & shake hands. 03:36:30 LS United Nations General Assembly. Nehru seen. MS United Kingdom delegation w/ Harold Macmillan; MS Nasser & delegation; MS Khrushchev & delegation listening. 03:36:54 MS Dag Hammarskjold speaking, seated at podium (MOS). 03:37:06 Pan of applauding General Assembly. 03:37:10 MS Soviet delegation pounding on desk / table. 03:37:19 MS Fidel Castro gets up & walks to rostrum opens book & begins 4 1/2 hr speech. MCU (MOS). African delegation watching / listening; USSR delegation; Castro (sound behind narration & music. Fall 1960 United Nation Opening Session; Diplomacy; Heads of State; Cold War Propaganda; Communists; Anti-Communism Demonstrators; Anti-Soviets;

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