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Greece - Gen. Harper Arrival at Airport

Reel Number: 220657-14

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1947,1940s

Country: Greece,USA

Location: Athens - airport,National Airport,Pireaus,Washington, DC

TC Begins: 01:21:27

TC Ends: 01:27:03

Duration: 00:05:36

Cold War - 1946 - 1947, Greece & USA: Gen. Harper, Athens; Marshal Papagos; Truman & Marshall Greece - Gen. Harper Arrival at Airport Air Transport Command plane arrives General Robert W. Harper stands talking w/ other military officers, MS. Into cars. Athens on airport roof. Bus labeled American Mission. 01:22:09 Slug. Post-WWII - 1940s (?), Greece, Marshal Papagos Boarding & Sailing on Destroyer Escort (?) 01:22:15 Greek Marshal Alexander Papagos w/ white mustache & in civilian clothes walking w/ wife & naval officers greeted & helped aboard ship flying Greek flag w/ Royal Crown in corner; anchor lifted & Hellenic Kingdom Flag hoisted. (brief CU). Destroyer Escort (?) no. 15 leaving harbor & people waving. 01:23:21 Slug. Post-WWII - 1947, USA: President Truman w/ Secretary of State George Marshall at Globe. ca 21Jan47 01:23:24 President Truman walking into room w/ George Marshall & look at globe, point at countries. Look at each other & talk in front of fireplace with several planes on mantle. 01:24:09 Newsreel cameramen taking pictures around them. 01:24:26 Slug. Post-WWII - 1947, USA: President Truman Sees Off George Marshall For London. 20Nov47 01:24:30 Truman & Secretary of State Marshall in topcoats from car at National Airport to microphones (MOS), pose & shake hands; Marshall waves from top of stairs, joined by others & plane taxiing away. 01:25:31 Slug. 01:25:34 CU of Presidential seal. 01:25:47 Limousines arriving on airport tarmac. High Angle /HA Truman & Marshall to mics in front of plane. CU Marshall & wife, Truman & shaking hands goodbye. Waving from plane doorway (w/ Presidential seal). Propeller starting. Plane takes off & past camera enroute Council of Foreign Ministers Meetings, London. 1940s; Diplomacy; Anti-Communism; Post-WWII; Post-WW2; Diplomat; NOTE: Partial or entire sold at per reel rate.

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