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WWII - 1945, USA Military Newsreel: Borneo, Italy, China; Italy; Robot Bombs; Luzon

Reel Number: H1532-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1945,1940s

Country: China,Italy,New Guinea,Philippines,USA

Location: Borneo,Chungking,Dagupan River,Lingayen Gulf,Luzon,Michigan,Mindoro,New Guinea,River Rouge,Rome

TC Begins: 12:52:16

TC Ends: 13:01:45

Duration: 00:09:29

WWII - 1945, USA Military Newsreel: Borneo, Italy, China; Italy; Robot Bombs; Luzon Titles. 12:52:45 Inter-title: Allied Bombers Strike On Two Fronts. 12:52:49 Aerial from Liberator bomber of 13thUSAAF of Japanese oil fields in Borneo, many fires burning from fuel tanks, barrel of machine gun firing seen in low-level pass. GOOD. 12:53:22 German fighter planes hit; strafing of German airfield w/ plane exploding & flying into fireball. 12:53:40 Inter-title: 92nd Infantry Division Honored in Italy. 12:53:45 Gen. Lucian K. Truscott presents decorations to & reviews 5th Army, 92nd Inf. Div. Blacks at attention. Buffalo shoulder patch in MCU. Reviewed by Truscott & Major General Edward M. Almond. 12:54:29 Inter-title: Americans in New Posts In China. 12:54:34 Gen. Albert Wedemeyer off plane as new Commander of Army Forces in China. MCU inspecting units. 12:54:50 Ambassador Hurley up steps w/ VIPs to present his papers to Chiang Kai-shek in Chungking. MCUs of Hurley & Chiang in uniforms. 12:55:23 Inter-title: Inter-Allied Boxing Meet. 12:55:27 Monument in Rome w/ Allied flags at Army Rest Center. American, English, & French soldiers training & exercising. Billy Conn shakes hands w/ contestants. Ring & welterweight boxers; fast violent action. Crowd applauds. 12:56:16 Marcel Cerdan, French knocks down Black American & wins. MCU. 12:56:51 Inter-title: New Robot Bombs Tested. 12:56:56 Two civilians beside model of bomb modeled after V1. 12:57:06 Women in US automobile plant assembling compressed air tank for steering mechanism nose attached. Diagram. Rocket engine fabricated on floor. Exterior w/ stationary test of motor; ?? & Henry Ford II view, MCU holding ears during test firing. 12:57:45 Rocket bomb test flight, launched from track over sandy dune & water. Three shots, two from shore & one from airplane alongside showing motor dropping away & bomb continuing. 12:58:28 Inter-title: Landing on Luzon. 12:58:34 Japanese planes attack & bomb US fleet off Mindoro. Kamikazee hits ship, burns. 12:58:50 Philippine airfield on Mindoro under construction; planes landing w/ P-38 crash landing & pilot staggers out of burning plane. MCU. 12:59:28 Aboard ship in Lingayen gulf, map, ships bombarding shore. The 6th Army lands & fights at Luzon, wading ashore. Equipment onto beach; wounded treated at evacuation hospital. US equipment up road; aerial over bridge; troops up Dagupan River to Dagupan. US flag over village, village greets troops. MCUs. The End. WW2 Buffalo Soldiers; WWII Bombing Missions; Military Diplomacy; Recreation; Sports; Flying Bombs; Research; 1940s;

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