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1961 - Inauguration Activities, Capitol & Reviewing Stand; Cabinet Sworn In, 20Jan61

Reel Number: 250068-05

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1961

Country: USA

Location: DC,Washington

TC Begins: 14:36:35

TC Ends: 14:45:28

Duration: 00:08:53

1961 - Inauguration Activities, Capitol & Reviewing Stand; Cabinet Sworn In, 20Jan61 MS Dog teams pulling Maine sled float along trolley tracks in street. High school marching band past Presidential reviewing stand, on double. CU Oriental girl-band moving past Presidential box. Unid. military band past (dark). 14:37:20 CU Thor-Agena missile on truck past. Unid. military band parading past. 14:37:43 CU US Naval unit past; CU PT-109 pulled on large trailer. PRESIDENT seen in reviewing box, applauding. MS PRESIDENT looking west, as PT-109 continues on down street. 14:38:20 CU vertical Polaris Missile on float. CU A4D w/ 500 lb. bombs & Bullpup missile pulled on trailer. 14:38:36 CU F4H w/ Sidewinder missile on trailer. 14:38:46 MS PRESIDENT EISENHOWER and other VIPs outside & entering White House. MS NIXON & future VP Lyndon JOHNSON / LBJ leave W.H. MRS. EISENHOWER, MRS. KENNEDY leave W.H. Ike & VIPs pose for photographers along w/ future PRESIDENT KENNEDY. 14:39:21 CU Motorcade leaving thru snow to Capitol. 14:39:45 CU Presidential Seal. 14:39:57 MLS from porch of motorcade arriving at White House. Ike down steps, greets JFK & wife; group walks past & into White House. GOOD. 14:40:49 MLS over snow-covered grounds at White House, as motorcade arrives, moves into grounds. 14:41:04 Two photographers run thru snow on WH lawn to get pictures of PRESIDENT & MRS. KENNEDY walking w/ group, along snowy sidewalk; group passes by to rear of Presidential reviewing box. 14:41:25 CU VP & MRS. JOHNSON, MR. RAYBURN & others past waving. 14:41:33 MS Group in colonial uniforms parading past Presidential box; CU Colonial color guard marching stiffly past. 14:41:46 MS Military band past Presidential reviewing box. 14:42:00 Low angle of Capitol dome from roof of wing, tilt down to Inaugural stand & tremendous crowd. Closer shots of Inaugural stand & crowd. 14:43:04 High school Drum & Fife Corp marching past reviewing stand. Various historical groups past. 14:43:29 Marine Corps Band, Women Marines, Marines in battle dress, Marine jeeps w/ small trailers. 14:44:16 Int. CU Secretary of Defense McNAMARA & other cabinet members being congratulated in WH receiving line, CU PRESIDENT & MRS. KENNEDY. CU McNAMARA; CU Attorney General ROBERT KENNEDY. 14:45:13 Pan line of Cabinet members w/ right hands raised during swearing in / oath given by Justice Warren. 1960 Presidential Election; Celebration; Inaugural Parade;

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