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1961 - Kennedy, Pres. at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 12Oct61 2 of ?

Reel Number: H1884-02

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1961

Country: USA

Location: Fort Bragg,North Carolina,pope afb

TC Begins: 03:10:26

TC Ends: 03:20:10

Duration: 00:09:44

1961 - Kennedy, Pres. at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 12Oct61 2 of ? Slate. C123 over runway, MS C-123 taxis to a stop. 03:10:56 Paratroopers load into C123. Int, paratroopers seated in plane. 03:11:29 Presidential plane taxis in. MCU President John F. Kennedy off plane, greeted; also coming from the plane are Sec. of the Army Elvis J. Stahr and Sec. of Defense Robert S. McNamara. JFK to car. 03:12:35 Drive off in cars. 03:13:00 LS, C123s lined up on airfield. MS jet fighter on field. MS C130 standing on airfield. 03:13:36 MLS JFK w/ military VIPs, McNamara etc in grandstand. MS JFK watching. 03:13:56 JFK walks to & talks w/ soldiers. 03:14:11 CU JFK in car. 03:14:26 JFK in stands. Views of photographers; others in stands. JFK watching. McGeorge Bundy seen. 03:15:27 Slate. CU seat in stand. JFK arrives & into building. Generals outside, JFK walking. 03:16:29 CU, telephones on table. MS Soldiers at communication equipment beneath grandstand; LS troops on wooden platform w/ antennas; Officer at podium speaking (MOS). 03:17:19 Slate: 09Oct61 LS man wearing rocket belt flying over water & landing on beach, walking up dirt hillside. 03:17:51 C123 overhead. Two men w/ rappel down wooden Ranger tower w/ third on stretcher. Another rappels, while one jumps ca 2/3 distance to ground. 03:18:23 LS hand-to-hand combat demonstration at foot of tower. 03:19:41 LS men down zip line & into water, swim ashore. Cold War; Military Strength; 1961; Kennedy Last Days; Vietnam War Era;

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