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1961 - Kennedy Speech, “We’ll Live In Peril” (News Conference 17, 11Oct61)

Reel Number: 250041-07

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1961

Country: Germany,USA,USSR

Location: Berlin,DC,Washington

TC Begins: 08:09:57

TC Ends: 08:11:29

Duration: 00:01:32

Title. 08:10:01 President Kennedy at podium at Presidential news conference, MCU journalists. 08:10:07 CU JFK SOF: “Well I think they are naturally & quite correctly concerned because there is a collision in the points of view that the Western powers are taking in NATO w/ that of the Soviet Union & the Warsaw Block countries over Berlin. This area is extremely vital; western Europe is a area of great resources & the Soviet Union has long had policy ambitions in this area so that this is a very, very serious matter unless we can reach a peaceful accommodation. In addition, there are other areas where we can become involved. And as the weapons now are so annihilating it causes the American people to be quite rightfully concerned. Our ambition is to protect our vital interests w/o a war which destroys & doesn’t really represent a victory for policy. We happen to live, because of the ingenuity of science, and man’s own inability to control his relationship - one with another - we have to live in the most dangerous time in the human race. Europe; 1961; Peril; Fear; Expansionism; Anti-Communism; Cold War; NOTE: Ask about special pricing of this card.

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