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1961 - USA: Fort Bragg Demonstration For President Kennedy

Reel Number: 250077-06

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1961

Country: USA

Location: Fort Bragg,North Carolina

TC Begins: 08:09:23

TC Ends: 08:20:10

Duration: 00:10:47

1961 - USA: Fort Bragg Demonstration For President Kennedy Motorcade arrives & JFK gets out of car, enters reviewing stand. He talks with officers including Gen. George H. Decker. Talking w/ others; all seated watching 08:11:03 JFK walks back to car & sits next to an officer. 08:11:27 President Kennedy bids farewell to officers & boards Air Force One plane. Plane taxis away. 08:12:29 MLS, 8" SP Howitzer firing. 08:12:50 LS, 175mm SP gun arrives & sets up, fires Self-propelled gun driven past seated military; floats on army trucks w/ soldiers in poses. 08:14:21 MLS, M-56, 90mm SP gun driven past. Another float. 08:14:46 Slate: 12Oct61 LS Ft Bragg airstrip w/ jeeps past Air Force One. People standing around Pope AFB Operations Building. Buses parked; army staff cars parked w/ drivers waiting. CU insignias. 08:15:45 Int. w/ Western Union Press Center in hanger, men standing, teletypes set up. 08:15:53 Slate: same. 08:15:59 President greeting paratroopers & looking at their equipment. 08:17:00 Slate: same. 08:17:07 Cabinet members coming off plane & greeted, includes Robert McNamara. Military VIPs talking 08:18:08 Soldier prone firing grenade launcher ; explosion on target. 08:18:34 106mm Recoilless Rifle on jeep arrives, set up, sighted & fired. 08:19:15 Fort Bragg Field Press Center, reporters & CUs of press badge. 08:19:33 CU various Airborne shoulder insignias on soldiers. Cold War; Military Weapons Demonstrated; Propaganda; Lobbying; 12Oct61; 1960s;

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