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1961- France: SHAPE Headquarters, President Kennedy Visit, 02Jun61

Reel Number: 250077-15

Color: Black and White

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1961

Country: France,USA

Location: Paris

TC Begins: 09:12:28

TC Ends: 09:21:41

Duration: 00:09:13

1961- France: SHAPE Headquarters, President Kennedy Visit, 02Jun61 VS, the President walking, shaking hands & greeting the men, women & children of SHAPE. 09:13:08 Motorcade & arrival of JFK party past spectators along road in rain. 09:13:27 Entrance gate lined w/ soldiers. Motorcade enters, JFK out. 09:13:50 Pres. Kennedy, Gen. Norstad & others stand at attention. 09:14:09 LSs, & Gen. Lauris Norstad presents members of the staff to the President. 09:14:38 Repeat, JFK motorcade entrance, standing at attention & presentation to staff. 09:16:27 JFK at speakers stand in front of SHAPE HQ; speaking (MOS). Posing for photographers. Military band playing in rain. 09:17:40 Slate: illegible info. 09:17:48 Spectators awaiting the arrival of the President. Motorcade arrives. MSs, Pres. Kennedy greeting officers presented to him by Gen. Norstad. 09:18:56 Ints, Pres. Kennedy talking w/ Gen. Norstad & others. 09:19:07 President walking on grounds of SHAPE as crowds follow him. MS, President & Gen. Norstad shaking hands. 09:19:22 Int, Pres. Kennedy talking to several military VIPs. 09:19:52 Ext. JFk walks past crowds. 09:20:37 Slate: 02Jun61 Camera: Goedert. 09:20:41 Motorcade entering; military saluting; band playing w/ conductor. JFK at mic & w/ Norstad. Handshaking. MCU smiling women. Interior JFK greeting & shaking hands. Presidential Visit; Commander In Chief; Allies; Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe;

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