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1963 - AG-154 USS Observation Island, President Kennedy Visiting, 16Nov63

Reel Number: H1495-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1963

Country: USA


TC Begins: 10:22:52

TC Ends: 10:27:58

Duration: 00:05:06

1963 - AG-154 USS Observation Island, President Kennedy Visiting, 16Nov63. MCU Unid. Admiral, open sea behind. 10:23:02 CU Boatswain’s Mate piping PRESIDENT KENNEDY aboard USS OBSERVATION ISLAND (AG-154). 10:23:16 Plane director on deck giving hand signals to helicopter pilot; view of arriving Marine helicopter & landing. 10:23:53 MS KENNEDY & Secret Service out, greeted by officers on deck; escorted to seating area. 10:24:22 JFK taking windbreaker out of bag; standing on deck w/ high ranking officers, facing seaward. w/ binoculars. 10:24:57 Seated between Admirals , stands up & walks putting on dark glasses. Waiting, picks up binoculars & camera pans to sea. 10:25:27 Polaris missing launched out of water. Tilt up following. 10:25:40 JFK standing among admirals, all looking up, talking. 10:25:52 JFK viewing missile w/ binoculars 10:26:14 JFK talking on phone, hands it back to one of Navy officers. 10:26:19 JFK speaking into microphone. 10:26:28 MS & CUs JFK standing on deck w/ Admirals; walking off, shaking hands & taking salutes. Civilian photographer & Secret Service in background. 10:27:03 Ship mast & flags. Marine helicopter in air after lift off; Presidential helicopter & flagman guiding in & landing. CU plaque: USS Observation Island Converted in Norfolk Naval Shipyard 1958. 10:27:39 LS aerial USS Observation Island at sea. Nuclear Submarines; Naval Ships; 1960; Cold War; Polaris Missiles; NOTE: USS Observation Island was converted to first naval ship that had a fully integrated Fleet Ballistic Missile System. The first at-sea launch of the A-3 Polaris missile was done from the USS Observation Island. JFK was assassinated six days after this film was taken.

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