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1963 - Color, President Kennedy: Visiting Berlin, Germany. 26Jun63

Reel Number: 221102-04

Color: Colour

Sound: SIL

Year / Date: 1963

Country: West Germany

Location: tegel airfield,west berlin

TC Begins: 07:30:06

TC Ends: 07:38:14

Duration: 00:08:08

1963 - Color, President Kennedy: Visiting Berlin, Germany. 26Jun63 26Jun63 Presidential plane Air Force One coming in for landing at Tegel Airfield & taxiing to a stop. President & party off plane, greeted by group of VIPs. JFK & French general walk to review platform; follow shot as they review Honor Guard & return to platform. 07:34:37 High shots at Checkpoint Charlie inc. Soviet placards across barriers; President and party arrive; officer explains the area to the President. JFK climbs platform overlooking East Berlin; followed by group, returns to a car with Mayor Willy Brandt. NB above scenes at Checkpoint Charlie are unsteady. Follow shot, Presidential car driving away from crowd. VS people in front of Outpost Theatre - US flags flying. State Visits - US Presidents; Cold War; Anti-Communism; Berlin Wall;

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