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Community’s Tribute, A Pt 1 of 2

Reel Number: 221724-01

Color: Black and White

Sound: SD

Year / Date: 1963,1960s

Country: USA

Location: Pennsylvania,Philadelphia

TC Begins: 08:00:01

TC Ends: 08:29:14

Duration: 00:29:13

A Community’s Tribute Card 1 of 2 WCAU-TV Philadelphia Television broadcast of JFK memorial service held in Independence Hall, Philadelphia on 24Nov63, two days after assassination. 08:00:01 Clock Tower of Independence Hall; voice of commentator John Facenda heard - “As the body of President John F. Kennedy lies in state at the Grand Rotunda of the Capitol in Washington, Philadelphians are gathering here at Independence Hall, here to mourn along with millions of Americans...”. 08:01:11 Pan from US flag at half mast to crowds waiting on street behind barriers. Memorial procession up street, flag bearers on horseback. VO re local support for JFK during elections over brass band playing Funeral March, marching at slow pace. Marine Corps Honor Guard in procession. Police Highway Patrol who escorted JFK. High shot VIPs holding hats on reviewing stand. 08:08:31 Montage US flags flying w/ “Star Spangled Banner” sung on track. Marine Corps flag bearers stand to attention then march away from podium. Prayers led by Rev. Monsignor John J. Noone w/ organ music in BG. Choir singing conducted by grey-haired woman wrapped up against cold. 08:14:04 John Facenda speaks from platform, introduces Mayor of Philadelphia James H.J. Tate 08:14:42 Tate: “...As one who has been so proud to have known John Fitzgerald Kennedy in an official & a personal capacity, I have proclaimed Monday to be one of mourning...I have respectfully urged that all business & commercial establishments mark this day of mourning appropriately...the death of our great President is truly a sin against humanity itself...” 08:18:00 Facenda introduces actress Eva Le Gallienne reading Robert Frost poem ‘Once by the Pacific’. 08:19:40 Choir sings again - pan across faces of singers - many wearing 1960s style glasses. 08:21:45 Facenda introduces Secretary of State of Delaware Elijah Dukes who makes speech representing Governor (?). Pan across audience - “...I am certain that this courageous man would call upon us to muster our strength, to marshall our forces and to carry on the work of the country he loved so well”. 08:24:48 Facenda introduces Black Reverend Henry H. Nicholls who leads prayer - pan across audience half listening, organ music. High angle of spectators trying to see. (glitches from source ca 08:26:55) 08:27:20 Choir sings. Unintentionally amusing as female conductor gives thumbs up to singers (08:27:42). Continued... US Presidents - John F. Kennedy; Presidential Memorial Service; 1960s Fashions; Eulogy; 1963;1960s; President Kennedy; NOTE: Any continuous minute sold at per reel rate. Sourced from two-inch videotape, occasional drop-outs & glitches in source material.

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